About us

International IT Solutions OPC (IITS) is a established IT solution provider company offering offshore services to businesses overseas.

Building on the vast experience of its founder, a seasoned entrepreneur with 3 decades of experience in the IT industry creating cutting-edge software solutions and in managing Philippine offshore centers, IITS targets to address the demands for IT services of overseas clients.

IITS aims to provide world-class IT services at an affordable price without compromising on quality and reliability. At IITS, we understand that every successful project is the result of a team with competent and dedicated people. We strive to employ the best team of talented and certified IT professionals with the necessary skills and the drive to provide our customers with a superior service.


The combination of the intimate understanding of clients abroad (and their requirements) and its experience in developing software in the Philippines, equips IITS uniquely to address the IT needs of overseas consumers.

The Philippines is fast emerging as a key destination of the IT sector. With a large talent pool and a mostly English-speaking population, the country offers the ideal location for providing IT solutions, in particular for software developments.

IITS engages experienced and dedicated local development teams, combining business knowledge with modern technology, who work closely with clients to produce comprehensive solutions.

IITS’ services are designed with a focus on reliability and quality by:

  • Using its experience to mitigate risks and pitfalls
  • Emphasis on cost control, quality assurance and on-time deliveries
  • Pro-active and frequent communication

Our Services

Business consulting (IT sector)

Specializing in Outsourcing and Offshoring of IT services. Support in establishing new businesses, legal frameworks, and technical and organizational setups. Implementing and improving business and IT processes and introducing tools and methodologies. Guidance in ramping up tech-teams and workforces.

IT consulting

Advisory and recommendations, focusing in system and business analysis, software design and development, application customization and implementation, and testing and quality assurance.

Application support

Management and technical / administrative services to customize, support and maintain enterprise level applications.

Software development

Design and creation of web applications and mobile apps.


Logistics and Administration for your IT teams in the Philippines.

Adopting AI challenges

At IITS, we are at the forefront of AI innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technology to advise businesses to tackle the ever-evolving challenges of the future. With a team of experts deeply entrenched in the realms of artificial intelligence, we are well equipped in providing tailored solutions that will help your organizations thriving towards success.

All our services are prepared to assist companies in harnessing the power of AI, whether it is improving software development, optimizing operations, enhancing customer experiences, or predicting market trends.


5th floor, One West Aeropark

Clark Freeport Zone



+63 960 547 1000